Second Chance Employment

We believe providing employment can lead to a lifetime ability to gain and maintain employment and deviate from their past lifestyle.

“DV8 Foundation was developed and operates as a second chance employment opportunity for people who are trying to redirect their lives. People in the early stages of substance abuse recovery often find it difficult to find employers willing to take a chance on them. ”

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Leading lives no longer impacted by old trauma and pain by learning self control and self improvement through accountability driven treatment programs.


Changing society’s view on substance use disorder and it’s impact on the workforce by creating thriving workplace environments and employing individuals in active recovery from drugs and alcohol.


Creating opportunities for people who are trying to redirect their lives through employers willing to take a chance on them.

 “Without employment opportunities, those with a history of addiction often don’t have the skills, tools, or hope to successfully recover from addiction and will continue the harmful cycle. We employ people with a past that includes addiction (and usually incarceration) and give them the tools and experience needed to equip them for gainful employment.”
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“We have experienced the power of second chances. Hiring those in the early stages of drug and alcohol addiction recovery who are ready to make a change in their life has proven to help people “deviate” from a life of addiction to a life of recovery.”

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NBC Nightly News

This Kentucky Restaurant Offers A Second Chance To Those In Recovery

At DV8 Kitchen in Lexington, Kentucky, nearly every staff member is recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Owners Rob and Diane Perez aim to support their employees with purpose and structure while giving them a second chance.

Catie Beck – NBC News

KET – Kentucky Educational Television

A Business Designed for People in Recovery

Like so many people struggling with substance abuse, Dan Rison found himself on the path to addiction following a medical procedure.Treatment helped him overcome his disease, but recovery held its own challenges. He says employers weren’t eager to hire a young man with a history of drug use and a criminal record.

Full Article – John Gregory

Secrets of Bluegrass Chefs

It truly is “life changing food” in Lexington at DV8 Kitchen.

This time we’ve discovered a truly unique place on Kentucky’s restaurant scene – it’s food with a mission. The food is unbelievable and bursting with Kentucky proud flavor. It truly is “life changing food” in Lexington at DV8 Kitchen.

Kevin Harned – Secrets of Bluegrass Chefs

Live With Lee & Hayley 4:08

LEX18 news and information provider in Central Kentucky

A Second Chance 3:40

Gov. Bevin highlights DV8 Kitchen, a second-chance employer in Lexington, KY.

Barton Bill 2:58

Seven out of ten restaurants fail by the time they are three years old, that’s tough odds.